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These works were prepared for the Stephen Crane Society site by Stanley Wertheim.

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Whilomville Stories
War is Kind
The Black Riders

The Little Regiment 
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets. (Searchable corrected text at the Crane Society site,  prepared and donated by Randolph Handel; visit the original version at
The Red Badge of Courage

Other Sites and Formats
Crane's poems are available at the site; a feature at the site allows visitors to e-mail the poems to friends.
The University of Virginia Text Center has most of its Crane texts available as free downloads in Palm or Microsoft E-Book formats.
The Electronic Classics Series at Penn State has made Maggie and The Red Badge of Courage available in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format for easy printing and reading.
Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (.PDB format for PalmPilot at the site)
The Red Badge of Courage (.PDB format for PalmPilot at the site)
"A Man and Some Others," Century (February 1897) (Page images at the Cornell Making of America site)

 Wounds in the Rain (1900) at
From the University of Virginia Text Center
  • "The Blue Hotel" November 26, 1898
  • Manacled 1900
  • War Is Kind 1896
  • The Fight: Whilomville Stories: XI. June, 1900
  • Making an Orator. Whilomville Stories: V December, 1899
  • Desertion1900
  • A Little Pilgrim: Whilomville Stories: XIII. August, 1900
  • "The Woof of Thin Red Threads" December 1898
  • The Trial, Execution, and Burial of Homer Phelps: Whilomville Stories: X.May, 1900
  • His New Mittens November, 1898
  • Tent in Agony. A Sullivan County Sketch. 1892
  • The Lone Charge of William B. Perkins July 1899
  • A Man and Some Others. 1897
  • The Scotch Express 1899
  • A Self-Made Man 1899 
  • "An Ominous Baby" May 1894
  • The Red Badge of Courage 1895
  • The Stove: Whilomville Stories. IX. 1900
  • Twelve O'Clock December, 1899 
  • The Lover and the Telltale. Whilomville Stories: III. October, 1899
  • The Second Generation 1899 

  • "Showin' Off": Whilomville Stories IV November, 1899

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