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Research Sites

  • Stephen Crane Papers at Columbia University.  This searchable site includes a description of the collection, lists of correspondents and photographs, and other materials.
  • The Library of Congress includes some excerpts from Crane's works in its Spanish-American War exhibit and a short bibliography of contemporary sources on the Spanish-American war.
  • Syracuse University Library has an online description of its extensive Crane collection.
  • The Clifton Waller Barrett Library of American Literature Special Collection at the University of Virginia has a brief general description of its  collections and a picture of a table said to have been owned by Crane. 
  • The Red Badge of Courage site contains a brief introduction to the reception of Crane's novel and links to selected reviews. It includes a review by the journalist and novelist Harold Frederic, a friend of Crane's.
  • Crane Biography Links

  • "Stephen Crane" by Donald Vanouse (Literary Encyclopedia; subscription required)
  • Stephen Crane House in Asbury Park.
  • Port Jervis, NY site has color pictures of houses where Crane lived and worked, photos of the town and countryside, and a Google map of the area.
  • Crane's Roots in Port Jervis. This site by Mrs. Kathleen M. Quick of Port Jervis, New York contains a brief guide to landmarks there.
  • The Bedford-St. Martin's site provides a brief biographical sketch of Crane.
  • Brief biography of Crane from the Columbia Encyclopedia
  • Stephen Crane and the Commodore provides information on the experiences that inspired "The Open Boat," including current efforts to study the sunken vessel. 
  • Photograph of Crane's grave at findagrave.com
  • Contemporary Reviews of Crane's Works
    Stephen Crane
    Stephen Crane in Athens, May 1897.  Image reproduced from ©The Crane Log: A Documentary Life of Stephen Crane, 1871-1900, by Stanley Wertheim and Paul Sorrentino (New York: G. K. Hall, 1994), page 256. Original in the collection of Stanley Wertheim.

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