Online Resources for Teachers and Students

  • WordSeer (U C Berkeley) ( is a database of Crane's works that allows searching, heat maps, and much more.
  • " Stephen Crane" by Donald Vanouse (from the Literary Encyclopedia)
  • "In Search of the Real Stephen Crane" by Paul Sorrentino CEA Forum, Summer 2000.
  • Teaching Crane by Donald Vanouse, from the Heath Anthology instructor's guide.
  • Biographical sketch of Crane and a bibliography by Donald Vanouse at the Heath Anthology site.
  • The C-SPAN Booknotes site provides a transcript of the interview with Linda Davis, author of Badge of Courage: The Life of Stephen Crane.
  • Professor Paul Reuben's page on Crane at his Perspectives in American Literature site includes an extensive bibliography.
  •  Although it does not directly discuss Crane's writings, this page on historic battlefields of the Civil War offers 360 degree panoramic views of major battlefields. 
  • The Library of Congress page on Crane contains quotations from him and from other writers.
  • Stephen Crane and the Commodore
  • Teacher-Created Sites

  • The Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute has an online lesson plan for teaching The Red Badge of Courage. 
  • Stephen Crane Research Guide by Rob Bain is geared toward undergraduate researchers and includes annotated entries on print and online materials.
  • This Canadian site includes study questions on "The Blue Hotel."
  • Selected bibliography on "The Blue Hotel"
  • A Stephen Crane Crossword Puzzle.
  • Discussion questions on "The Blue Hotel"
  • More discussion questions on "The Blue Hotel" (Word document from Delhi University)
  • A lesson plan on Crane and London from the NEH Edsitement site.
  • Resources on Crane for K-12 teachers
  • Student-Created Sites


    Photo of Claverack College and Hudson River Institute, the school which Crane begins attending in January 1888. Image reproduced from ©The Crane Log: A Documentary Life of Stephen Crane, 1871-1900, by Stanley Wertheim and Paul Sorrentino (New York: G. K. Hall, 1994), page 256. Original in the collection of Stanley Wertheim.

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