Reviews of Crane's Works and Other Secondary Sources

Contemporary Reviews of Crane's Works

Red Badge of Courage

  • Review of The Red Badge of Courage (Atlantic Monthly, March 1896) (Page images at MOA)
  • The Red Badge of Courage site contains a brief introduction to the reception of Crane's novel and links to selected reviews. It includes a review by the journalist and novelist Harold Frederic, a friend of Crane's.
  • The Black Riders
  • Stephen Crane : Author of The Black Riders and Other Lines 1895
  • Review of The Black Riders and Other Lines (Atlantic, February 1896; page images at MOA)
  • An anonymous review (1895) of Crane's The Black Riders
  • "The Distinction of our Poetry," by Josephine Dodge Daskam (Atlantic, May 1901: 696-706)
  • General Reviews and Other Materials
  • Anonymous, The Last of Stephen Crane. 1900
  • "Novels of American Life" (Living Age, 16 July 1898; from the Edinburgh Review; page images at MOA)
  • English Views of Stephen Crane. 1900
  • Stephen Crane: A "Wonderful Boy." 1900
  • Barry, John D.A Note on Stephen Crane April, 1901
  • Wells, H. G.Stephen Crane. From an English Standpoint August, 1900 (Page image version at MOA)
  • Wyatt, Edith. Stephen Crane. 1915
  • D. Appleton & Co. advertisement, November 1896 (95k. file)
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