Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Program

Bridge Funds

This funding program is designed to assist individuals who were not funded for a competitive renewal to NIDA or NIAAA. Below are listed the criteria that must be met to be eligible to apply for these monies which will be offered once only for a maximum of $30,000. The purpose of these funds is to assist investigators in retaining salaried personnel and in responding to weaknesses identified in the NIH critique.

1. The investigator has a renewable (RO1, PO1, K-awards) type award from NIDA, NIAAA, or another public or private funding agency devoted to substance abuse research.
2. In a competitive renewal the applicant was not funded, but was rated at least in the top 50% by the review committee.
3. The applicant will need to submit to the ADA Program the study section critique and the resubmitted proposal.
4. The investigator needs to submit a two-page description of how the ADA monies will be used to maintain the laboratory and/or respond to the criticisms of the study section.
5. Up to $30,000 is made available once.
6. There is no official deadline for these bridge monies. The application will be reviewed by a committee composed of the ADA Advisory Committee and external advisors.


For further information, contact the program office at: (509)335-5676.















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