Edith Wharton Panels at Recent Conferences

2010 2011
MLA (held in 2011)
MLA: EW on Rodeo Drive
MLA (held in 2011)
MLA: EW and Travel
ALA: Edith Wharton and the Ars Moriendi
ALA: EW and the Aesthetic
ALA:Recession, Depression, Panic: Edith Wharton's Writing and Economic Flux
ALA: Realism, Naturalism, and the Powers of Horror in Edith Wharton's Writing
SAMLA: “Treasure after Treasure”: EW and the Writer’s Imagination
EW Conference in Italy, June 6-8    
2005 2006
ALA: EW: Critical Perspectives ALA: Terror and Evil in EW's works ALA: Literary Responses to EW ALA: EW and the Culture of Celebrity ALA:New Perspectives on the Novel of Manners
ALA: EW and Money ALA: Physicality in EW's writing & life

ALA: EW, Addiction, and Compulsion

ALA: EW and the Mass Media ALA: After Innocence: Late Edith Wharton
MLA: EW and France MLA: Nation, Race, and Citizenship in EW MLA: EW and Illness MLA:WWWD? What Would  Wharton Do? EW and Politics MLA: Edith Wharton and Cultural Tourism
MLA: EW and technology MLA: EW and Narcissism MLA: EW's Racial Politics MLA: EW and the ‘Other Half’ MLA: Edith Wharton: New Directions
ALA Symposium: Fiction of Edith Wharton     SSAWW: Perspectives on Edith Wharton
SSAWW Conference: Open panel      
Celebrating the Centenary of The House of Mirth (Poughkeepsie, NY)   Edith Wharton and History (Pittsfield, MA)  
NEMLA--Wharton's Later Fiction ALA: Edith Wharton in Context ALA: EW and Literary Modernism ALA: EW and Film ALA: Wharton and 1920s
ALA: Eating and Orality in Wharton ALA: Markets, Nations, and Races in EW ALA: EW and Visual Culture ALA: EW and Work ALA: Wharton and short fiction
ALA: Wharton's Short Fiction MLA: War Writing by Wharton and Others MLA: EW and Philosophy MLA: Wharton, History, and the Novel MLA: EW and Secrets
ALA: Wharton and Education MLA: EW Goes Goth (ghost stories) MLA: EW and New York MLA: Business of Being EW MLA: EW and the Arts
MLA: Wharton and Mass Culture .  
MLA: Wharton as Transnational      
EW in Newport conference     Edith Wharton in London Conference  
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
EW Conference at Yale EW Conference at the Mount    
1990 1991 1992 1993 1994
MLA: EW: Issues of Class, Race, and Ethnicity MLA: EW's Neglected Art: The Short Story
MLA: The View from New York: Wharton, Whitman, and Cahan MLA: Edith Wharton and the Visual Arts  
  MLA: Edith Wharton's Eroticism MLA: Wharton and James as "Race" Authors MLA: Edith Wharton and the Gothic  
  NEMLA: EW: The Men in her Life and Fiction NEMLA: EW and Her Literary Contemporaries: Considerations of Class NEMLA: EW and Literary Genres
  EW in Paris Conference