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Edward Taylor (c. 1642-1729)


Selected Bibliography on Edward Taylor
Brief Lecture Notes on Edward Taylor

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Works AvailableOnline (from the Fire and Ice site on Puritanism)
Things Present
I Go to Prepare a Place for You.
Let Him Kiss Me With the Kisse of His Mouth
Our Insufficiency to Praise God Suitably, for His Mercy.
And All Drunk the Same Spirituall Drinke
He Sent a Man Before Them, Even Joseph, Who Was Sold, etc.
God Commends His Love Unto Us, In That While We Were Yet Sinners, Christ DiedFor Us
The Cup of Blessing Which Wee Bless, is It Not the Comunion of the Body of Christ? etc.
If One Died For All Then Are All Dead
The Joy Of Church Fellowship Rightly Attended
An Address to the Soul Occasioned by a Rain
The Reflexion
Upon a Wasp Chilled with Cold (from an Edward Taylor chat site)

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