Clues Across
1. Thinks about killing Ahab with a musket in Chapter 123
3. Call me ____.
5. The kind of whale being hunted for its oil and spermaceti.
8. "The Parsee"; predicts Ahab's fate.
9. He jumps into the ocean and is driven mad the experience.
11. Peter ___ is the owner of the 'Spouter-Inn'; also, Ishmael's life-buoy.
16. Ishmael's bosom companion; "George Washington, cannibalistically conceived"
17. The ropes that cause the death of Ahab
18. Ahab has an ivory ___.
20. The family member that the captain of the Rachel has lost.
21. [8 across]'s prophecy to Ahab is that "____ alone can kill thee" (Chapter 117)
Clues Down
2. A Native American harpooneer from Gay Head; Stubb's "squire" (Chapter 27)
4. He has a dream about a pyramid and a merman in Chapter 31.
6. His monomaniacal quest for Moby-Dick drives the action of the novel.
7. What Ahab tosses into the sea in Chapter 30.
10. With his partner Bildad, this Quaker captain and shipowner tries to cheat Ishmael and Queequeg out of a fair share.
12. The message of his sermon: "Govern the shark in you."
13. What Ahab nails to the mast as a reward for the first man to spot Moby-Dick.
14. The name of the ship on which the action takes place.
15. "The Prophet"; he warns Ishmael and Queequeg about Ahab.
19. A meeting of ships at sea for a conversation between crews.
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3 4
6 7
8 9 10
11 12 13 14
15 16
18 19