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Hamlin Garland (1860-1940)

Hamlin Garland

Selected Bibliography on Hamlin Garland

The Hamlin Garland Society site offers information about Garland, links to collections, and much more.
Hamlin Garland letters at the University of Arizona.
The Hamlin Garland Project at the University of Southern California includes many pictures as well as a biographical sketch and a description of the Garland Collection.

  • Biographical sketch of Garland.
  • Professor Keith Newlin's extensive scholarly site on Garland at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington includes a discussion of Garland's literary creed, links, photographs, and even a movie of Garland making coffee .(Photo at left is courtesy of this site.)
  • "Hamlin Garland and Midwestern Farm Fiction" from A Literary History of the American West.
  • Images of Hamlin Garland (Wisconsin)
  • Information on Garland from Charles Round's Wisconsin Writers and their Works (1918) (Photo at right is courtesy of this site.)
  • "Under the Lion's Paw": Single-Tax Land Reform and Agrarian America in Virgin Land 
  • John T. Flanagan's reminiscences of Garland.
  • Works Available Online

    Index to Companions on the Trail new

    The Trail of the Goldseekers at the Making of America Site
    Other Main-Travelled Roads (Project Gutenberg)

    The Moccasin Ranch: A Story of Dakota (1909). This innovative site at OpenLibrary reproduces the page images of the edition and allows viewers to "turn the pages" just as they would with a regular book.

    "Under the Lion's Paw" (story)
    "Nuko's Revenge" (1904; story)
    "Drifting Crane" (Harper's Weekly 31 May 1890; story)
    "Two Stories of Oklahoma" (1904)
    "Homestead and its Perilous Trades- Impressions of a Visit" (McClure's, June 1894)

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