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Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman (1852-1930)

Mary Wilkins Freeman.
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"Mary E. Wilkins" from Women Authors of Our Day in Their Homes (1903).
Article on and picture of Freeman from the Ladies' Home Journal (1892), courtesy of Jeff Kaylin.

Photo Credits: Top: Image courtesy of the Legacy site. 
A New England Nun, 1891 edition

Works Available Online
Except as noted, the following links are from Jeff Kaylin's collection of  Mary E. Wilkins Freeman's stories. Mr. Kaylin has also included other stories, novels, and illustrations at his site. His is the most significant collection of Freeman's works on the web and has more works than are included here.
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (free access to Britannica article)

  Short Stories Novels Plays Poems

Short Stories
A New England Nun and Other Stories, 1891 IIlustrations from Jeff Kaylin's collection
"A New England Nun" ..........1A New England Nun
"A Village Singer "..............18
"A Gala Dress"...................37
"The Twelfth Guest".............54
"Sister Liddy ".....................81
"Calla-Lilies and Hannah "....99
"A Wayfaring Couple".........121
"A Poetess " ....................140 Harper's Monthly 1890
"Christmas Jenny "............160
"A Pot of Gold ".................178
"The Scent of the Roses "...198
"A Solitary "......................215
"A Gentle Ghost "..............234
"A Discovered Pearl "............253
"A Village Lear"....................268
"Amanda and Love "..............288
"Up Primrose Hill ".................305
"A Stolen Christmas "............321
"Life Everlastin' '"...................338
"An Innocent Gamester"........363
"Louisa "...............................384
"A Church Mouse "................407
"A Kitchen Colonel "..............427
"The Revolt of "Mother'"........448 Harper's Monthly, September 1890
New England Nun Cover 34KB 1079x692 100dpi
.New England Nun Title 21KB 669x1000 150dpi
The Pot of Gold 1892  
The Pot of Gold 18KB
The Cow With Golden Horns 19KB
Princess Rosetta and the Pop-corn Man 29KB
The Christmas Monks 27KB
The Pumpkin Giant 19KB
The Christmas Masquerade 22KB
Dill 16KB
The Silver Hen 24KB
Toby 20KB
The Patchwork School 20KB
The Squire's Sixpence 20KB
A Plain Case 27KB
A Stranger in the Village 14KB
The Bound Girl 25KB
Deacon Thomas Wales's Will 20KB
The Adopted Daughter 23KB
Pot Of Gold Cover 41KB 1144x727 100dpi
.Pot Of Gold Title 18KB 706x1050 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Frontispiece Flax looks into the Pot of Gold 39KB 719x1054 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The settle and the kettle 16KB 348x533 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Drusilla and her gold-horned cow 50KB 1052x700 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold A Knight of the Golden Bee 10KB 256x473 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The princess was not in the basket! 18KB 498x412 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The bee guards patrolled the city 42KB 1046x683 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold "You!" cried the baron scornfully 44KB 1046x683 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Both the king and queen were obliged to pop 18KB 533x444 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Going into the chapel 32KB 1046x648 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The boys read the notice 54KB 1052x685 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The prince and Peter are examined by the monks 45KB 1050x712 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The boys at work in the convent garden 35KB 712x1050 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The prince runs away 22KB 475x567 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold He picked up an enormous young Plantagenet and threw it at him 14KB 542x371 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold They were all over the field 24KB 556x423 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Then the king knighted him on the spot 44KB 1050x700 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold There never was anything like the fun at the mayor's Christmas ball 71KB 1050x700 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Their parents stared in great distress 25KB 610x546 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold "I will go and tend my geese!" 30KB 608x583 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold She sang it beautifully 23KB 575x498 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold A strange sad state of things 66KB 1046x671 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Nan returns with the umbrellas 28KB 690x1050 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Such frantic efforts to get away 33KB 615x635 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Dame Elizabeth stared with astonishment 22KB 615x635 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The count thinks himself insulted 22KB 615x590 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold End of story "Dill" 9KB 540x123 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The snow was quite deep 3KB 233x154 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Two by two 13KB 540x288 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The snow man's house 3KB 233x154 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Puss-in-the-corner 36KB 692x1050 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold To the rescue 2KB 208x106 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold "I'll put this right in your face and – melt you!" 31KB 1054x696 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Letitia stood before uncle Jack 34KB 540x602 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold School children in Pokonoket 47KB 1052x706 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Pokonoket in storymy weather 54KB 706x1052 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Toby and the crazy loon 26KB 525x629 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Toby ran till he was out of breath 26KB 525x617 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The patchwork woman 14KB 296x458 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The patchwork girl 9KB 227x352 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Julia was arrested on Christmas Day 39KB 706x1050 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Julia entertains the ambassador through the keyhole 45KB 706x1050 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The grandmothers enjoy the Chinese toys 51KB 1050x706 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold "Six" – she began feebly 10KB 239x500 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold "What!" said Squire Bean suddenly 22KB 506x554 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Little Patience obeys the squire's summons 63KB 1054x710 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold Watching for the coach 42KB 717x1050 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold "Just look here!" said Willy's sweet voice 46KB 1050x717 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold The little stranger 75KB 1050x717 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold She almost fainted from cold and exhaustion 69KB 1050x717 150dpi
…Pot Of Gold A conveyance is found 48KB 1052x719 150dpi
Young Lucretia and Other Stories 1892  
Young Lucretia 22KB
How Fidelia Went to the Store 21KB
Ann Mary; Her Two Thanksgivings 31KB
Ann Lizy's Patchwork 24KB
The Little Persian Princess 24KB
Where the Christmas-TreeGrew 18KB
Where Sarah Jane's Doll Went 16KB
Seventoe's Ghost 16KB
Little Mirandy, and How She Earned Her Shoes 22KB
A Parsnip Stew 19KB
The Dickey Boy 25KB
A Sweet-Grass Basket 22KB
Mehitable Lamb 25KB
Young Lucretia Cover 60KB 1113x763 100dpi
Young Lucretia Cover Blue 65KB 1102x750 100dpi
.Young Lucretia Title 23KB 692x1100 150dpi
…Young Lucretia Frontispiece "‘Lucretia Raymond, what do you mean, putting your dress on this way?’" 47KB 1100x692 150dpi
…Young Lucretia "‘Whose little gal air you?’" 55KB 704x1094 150dpi
…Young Lucretia Mr. Little selects the thanksgiving turkey 61KB 677x1098 150dpi
…Young Lucretia This little girl soon came flying out with her contribution; then there were more 59KB 1160x706 150dpi
…Young Lucretia "Sarah Jane sat down beside the road and wept" 48KB 1098x677 150dpi
…Young Lucretia He thrust out his right hand and gave Seventoes a push 56KB 704x1154 150dpi
…Young Lucretia The Visit to Cap'n Moseby's 44KB 677x1098 150dpi
…Young Lucretia "‘Eat 'em!’ ordered Cap'n Moseby" 46KB 1102x698 150dpi
…Young Lucretia A parsnip stew 47KB 1160x704 150dpi
…Young Lucretia "There, among the blossoming branches, clung the Dickey boy" 62KB 698x1102 150dpi
…Young Lucretia "She was a real Indian Princess" 60KB 1094x685 150dpi
People of Our Neighborhood 1898  
Timothy Samson: The Wise Man 13KB
Little Margaret Snell: The Village Runaway 10KB
Cyrus Emmett: The Unlucky Man 11KB
Phebe Ann Little: The Neat Woman 9KB
Amanda Todd: The Friend of Cats 12KB
Lydia Wheelock: The Good Woman 13KB
A Quilting Bee in Our Village 16KB
The Stockwells' Apple-Paring Bee 16KB
The Christmas Sing in Our Village 11KB
People Of Our Neighborhood Cover 19KB 838x600 100dpi
.People Of Our Neighborhood Title 23KB 562x869 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood Frontispiece Portrait of Miss Wilkins 32KB 533x848 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "The children run out their tongues for Timothy to inspect" 35KB 877x560 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "He is one of the deacons" 23KB 560x867 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "If Timothy gives the word that it will be fair" 35KB 560x867 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "Her mother is one of the most intellectual persons" 16KB 548x867 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "Marg'ret Snell, you come right in here!" 31KB 525x848 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "In walks Marg'ret in her soiled pinafore" 35KB 869x556 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "His back bent with years" 19KB 556x869 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "He is said to purchase a dozen lumps of sugar" 28KB 550x869 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "Her husband often has to hold the lamp" 32KB 867x560 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "There we stand and carefully scrape and scrape" 40KB 560x867 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "As pretty as a picture, sitting in the pew" 32KB 560x867 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "She suddenly got married" 31KB 867x560 150dpi
…People Of Our Neighborhood "Lydia has never had any children, but always a large family" 32KB 588x867 150dpi
Silence and other stories 1898  
Silence 68KB
The Buckley Lady 72KB ( The Buckley Lady. A Story)(MOA)
Evelina's Garden 97KB (Evelina's Garden. A Story)(MOA) (Project Gutenberg)
A New England Prophet 53KB
The Little Maid at the Door 38KB
Lydia Hersey, of East Bridgewater 33KB
Silence Cover 32KB 1058x688 100dpi
.Silence Title 27KB 644x990 150dpi
…Silence Frontispiece "‘David!’ she called. ‘David! David! David!’" 29KB 648x1000 150dpi
…Silence At Ensign Sheldon's house the morning after the massacre 32KB 1000x650 150dpi
…Silence "She heard rapid footsteps" 32KB 679x985 150dpi
…Silence "‘The Lord make me worthy of thee, Evelina!’" 24KB 669x985 150dpi
…Silence "‘I see naught but a little maid in the door’" 35KB 652x985 150dpi
In Colonial Times 1899  
The Bound Girl 25KB
Deacon Thomas Wales's Will 20KB
The Adopted Daughter 23KB
The "Horse House" Deed 21KB
The Squire's Sixpence 20KB
In Colonial Times Cover 33KB 1050x742 100dpi
.In Colonial Times Title 22KB 679x1092 150dpi
…In Colonial Times Frontispiece The small apprentice is set down again at her master's door. 74KB 1092x696 150dpi
…In Colonial Times She almost fainted from cold and exhaustion. 62KB 1085x700 150dpi
…In Colonial Times A conveyance is found. 58KB 1085x700 150dpi
…In Colonial Times "No," said Ann, "you're a sinful man and should be punished." 53KB 1085x700 150dpi
…In Colonial Times Little Patience obeys the Squire's summons. 61KB 1085x700 150dpi
The Love of Parson Lord and Other Stories 1900

The Love of Parson Lord 84KB
The Tree of Knowledge 59KB
Catherine Carr 40KB
The Three Old Sisters and the Old Beau 8KB
One Good Time 40KB

Love Of Parson Lord Cover 26KB 1067x692 100dpi
.Love Of Parson Lord Title 20KB 650x1006 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord Frontispiece Mary E. Wilkins 19KB 658x1004 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "Love stood listening" 24KB 985x650 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "He felt a vague uneasiness" 21KB 650x985 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "Love never knew whether she answered her" 28KB 650x985 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "Love felt her soft lips on her cheek" 32KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "He ventured to throw himself on the grass at her feet" 29KB 990x669 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "‘tis the rankest folly,’ he cried, ‘and the cruelest’" 30KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "She looked up innocently and quite fearlessly" 31KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "Cornelia stood there, stern and frightened" 34KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "He kept one hand pressed hard against his side" 36KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord The improvised flag 28KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "Only one man stood below" 29KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "‘Warm for this time of year’" 44KB 990x669 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "‘There was Jane in that old brown dress, and Narcissa in her green’" 41KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "William followed her into the parlor" 35KB 669x990 150dpi
…Love Of Parson Lord "‘I wouldn't go out again if the bars were down’" 34KB 669x1004 150dpi
Understudies 1901
The Cat 17KB
The Monkey 20KB
The Squirrel 14KB
The Lost Dog 14KB
The Parrot 19KB
The Doctor's Horse 15KB
Bouncing Bet 24KB
Prince's-Feather 24KB
Arethusa 26KB
Mountain-Laurel 20KB
Peony 24KB
Morning-Glory 16KB
Understudies Cover 42KB 1148x773 100dpi
.Understudies Title 25KB 710x1135 150dpi
…Understudies Frontispiece "The cat foraged tirelessly" 34KB 696x1102 150dpi
…Understudies "The boy and the monkey looked ridiculously alike" 45KB 1119x733 150dpi
…Understudies "He was a vibration of liberty" 40KB 1115x700 150dpi
…Understudies "The bird-fancier watched him" 31KB 1115x750 150dpi
…Understudies "They chattered angrily" 51KB 750x1115 150dpi
…Understudies "Both the dog and the man were thoroughbreds" 42KB 750x1115 150dpi
…Understudies "‘He's coming, Martha!’" 42KB 750x1115 150dpi
…Understudies "‘Why, Martha! What is the matter?’" 38KB 750x1115 150dpi
…Understudies "She overlooked her supply of linen" 42KB 750x1106 150dpi
…Understudies "A woman of affectionate glibness" 43KB 1146x704 150dpi
…Understudies "But inwardly her very soul stormed and protested" 41KB 1108x704 150dpi
…Understudies "He was a firm and hard man in the pursuance of his duty" 33KB 744x1106 150dpi
…Understudies "He thundered along the road" 40KB 1106x744 150dpi
…Understudies "The last survivor was a woman" 42KB 744x1106 150dpi
…Understudies "She used to sit in her bay-window" 36KB 744x1106 150dpi
…Understudies The old Lyman Homestead 36KB 1106x744 150dpi
…Understudies "Eugene and Camilla were seen driving together" 34KB 744x1106 150dpi
…Understudies "The most amiable wife in the world" 32KB 696x1106 150dpi
…Understudies "There came another maiden to visit her" 30KB 746x1121 150dpi
…Understudies "‘Do you mean for me to kiss him?’" 37KB 746x1121 150dpi
…Understudies "A last assertion of her maiden freedom" 37KB 746x1121 150dpi
…Understudies "The Milton he pored over for hours" 33KB 746x1121 150dpi
…Understudies "‘I'd look pretty climbing mountains, wouldn't I?’" 44KB 746x1121 150dpi
…Understudies "Arabella had quite an orchard" 43KB 746x1119 150dpi
…Understudies "He used to view his small image" 30KB 692x1115 150dpi
…Understudies "‘Here,’ said she, ‘here's your ring!’" 28KB 1121x723 150dpi
A Far-Away melody and other stories 1902
Preface 2KB
A Far-Away Melody 18KB
A Moral Exigency 25KB
A Mistaken Charity 26KB
Gentian 25KB
An Object of Love 22KB
A Gatherer of Simples 27KB
An Independent Thinker 29KB
In Butterfly Time 23KB
An Unwilling Guest 30KB
A Souvenir 29KB
An Old Arithmetician 23KB
A Conflict Ended 27KB
A Patient Waiter 26KB
A Conquest of Humility 36KB
Far Away Melody Cover 16KB 865x556 100dpi
.Far Away Melody Title 16KB 540x827 150dpi
Six Trees 1903

The Elm-Tree 29KB
The White Birch 17KB
The Great Pine 23KB
The Balsam Fir 19KB
The Lombardy Poplar 28KB
The Apple-Tree 27KB

Six Trees Cover 23KB 1052x690 100dpi
.Six Trees Title 21KB 610x990 150dpi
…Six Trees Frontispiece "‘Where is my wife?’" 28KB 610x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "Curving skyward and earthward with matchless symmetry" 36KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "‘Winders, piazzers, cupolys, new stun steps, and a new tin ruff’" 27KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "‘I've got some nice griddle-cakes for supper and a custard pie’" 34KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees The White Birch 22KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "‘Suppose you've heard I'm goin' to be married?’" 32KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "He sat a long time leaning against the white birch-tree" 29KB 990x644 150dpi
…Six Trees The Great Pine 19KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "Had climbed different heights from mountains" 32KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "‘Get up!’ he cried, harshly" 22KB 990x644 150dpi
…Six Trees The Balsam Fir 21KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "‘She didn't exclaim even over the baby’" 28KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "‘There are trees plenty good enough over there’" 30KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "Stood staring at the glorified fir-balsam" 26KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees The Lombardy Poplar 17KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "The lombardy poplar-tree stood in its green majesty before the house" 27KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "The cousin caught her breath with an audible gasp" 35KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees The Apple-Tree 18KB 644x990 150dpi
…Six Trees "‘Now you've gone an' done it, Edison Blake!’" 23KB 990x644 150dpi
…Six Trees "‘I don't see why we 'ain't got thanksgivin' any time’" 28KB 644x990 150dpi
The Wind in the Rose-Bush 1903
The Wind in the Rose-bush 35KB
The Shadows on the Wall 32KB
Luella Miller 32KB
The Southwest Chamber 58KB
The Vacant Lot 33KB
The Lost Ghost 39KB
The Givers and other stories 1904

The Givers 50KB The Revolt of Sophia
Lucy 43KB
Eglantina 27KB
Joy 26KB
The Reign of the Doll 37KB
The Chance of Araminta 39KB
The Butterfly 39KB
The Last Gift 34KB

Givers Cover 29KB 1138x760 100dpi
.Givers Title 24KB 685x1108 150dpi
…Givers Frontispiece "‘You had better live with me all the time now’" 35KB 685x1108 150dpi
…Givers "‘Land! If you haven't gone and made hot tea!’" 44KB 671x1098 150dpi
…Givers Dr. Jerrold found Lucy was better 40KB 671x1098 150dpi
…Givers "William carried her in his light wagon to Littlefield" 37KB 1106x698 150dpi
…Givers "They collected a quantity of remnants" 37KB 706x1106 150dpi
…Givers "She rang the bell, trembling" 34KB 685x1106 150dpi
…Givers "There was more to Araminta than a pretty face" 34KB 698x1102 150dpi
…Givers "‘Poor Willy!’ she sobbed" 41KB 1102x698 150dpi

The Fair Lavinia and Others 1907

The Fair Lavinia 46KB
Amarina's Roses 50KB
Eglantina 27KB
The Pink Shawls 38KB
The Willow-Ware 48KB
The Secret 50KB
The Gold 30KB
The Underling 61KB

Fair Lavinia Cover 36KB 1129x754 100dpi
.Fair Lavinia Title 36KB 710x1100 150dpi
…Fair Lavinia Frontispiece "She stood still, framed in the doorway" 41KB 710x1100 150dpi
…Fair Lavinia "She could sing many a song like ‘Mary of Argyle’" 43KB 1098x733 150dpi
…Fair Lavinia "He seized Amarina's hand and kissed it" 35KB 733x1098 150dpi
…Fair Lavinia "She pushed Charlotte towards the study door" 44KB 1098x733 150dpi
…Fair Lavinia "She was thinking of the young man she had met" 52KB 1098x733 150dpi
…Fair Lavinia "‘What a goose you are!’ she whispered" 41KB 733x1098 150dpi
…Fair Lavinia "‘No, Rose, I can't. It's no use; I can't’" 39KB 733x1098 150dpi
…Fair Lavinia "‘I will go through with it if you say so,’ moaned Rose." 38KB 704x1098 150dpi

The Winning Lady and Others 1909

The Winning Lady 34KB
Little-Girl-Afraid-of-a-Dog 40KB
The Joy of Youth 34KB
Billy and Susy 22KB
The Selfishness of Amelia Lamkin 54KB
The Travelling Sister
Her Christmas
Old Woman Magoun 39KB
Eliza Sam
Flora and Hannah
A New-Year's Resolution
Winning Lady Cover 29KB 1125x762 100dpi
.Winning Lady Title 26KB 696x1098 150dpi
…Winning Lady Frontispiece "I thought you women never played for prizes" 42KB 706x1092 150dpi
…Winning Lady "Mother sent these eggs," said Emmeline, in a small, weak voice 40KB 698x1094 150dpi
…Winning Lady It was the first time he had ever invited a girl to go anywhere 37KB 710x1092 150dpi
…Winning Lady "This is Susy. You have got my cat," insisted Sarah 39KB 1092x710 150dpi
…Winning Lady She fainted considerately, as she had always done everything else 47KB 710x1092 150dpi
…Winning Lady The sisters discoursed of the weather 52KB 710x1092 150dpi
…Winning Lady "Where did that stocking come from?" gasped Joe 43KB 710x1092 150dpi
…Winning Lady "Men is different," said Sally Jinks 49KB 710x1092 150dpi
The Copy-Cat and Other Stories 1914  
The Copy-Cat 42KB
The Cock of the Walk 39KB
Johnny-in-the-Woods 37KB
Daniel and Little Dan'l 34KB
Big Sister Solly 38KB
Little Lucy Rose 36KB
Noblesse 25KB
Coronation 37KB
The Amethyst Comb 35KB
The Umbrella Man 41KB
The Balking of Christopher 34KB
Dear Annie 83KB
Copy-Cat Cover 53KB 1112x800 100dpi
.Copy-Cat Title 26KB 696x1148 150dpi
…Copy-Cat He took her by the arm and led her into the house 48KB 690x1167 150dpi
…Copy-Cat Lily proceeded to unfold a plan naughtily ingenious 39KB 683x1150 150dpi
…Copy-Cat He realized that the fear of his whole life was overcome for ever 51KB 692x1150 150dpi
…Copy-Cat A little peal of laughter came from the soft muslin folds 45KB 692x1150 150dpi
…Copy-Cat Viola May had come home again 47KB 692x1150 150dpi
…Copy-Cat "You needn't talk. You wanted Tom Hopkinson yourself" 49KB 704x1150 150dpi
…Copy-Cat "We sha'n't be rolling in riches, but we can be comfortable" 50KB 704x1150 150dpi
…Copy-Cat "First time I fully sensed I was something more than just a man" 44KB 696x1150 150dpi

Edgewater People 1918

Sarah Edgewater 33KB
The Old Man of the Field 36KB
The Voice of the Clock 32KB
Value Received 38KB
The Flowering Bush 36KB
The Outside of the House 35KB
The Liar 44KB
Sour Sweetings 40KB
Both Cheeks 22KB
The Soldier Man 40KB Page images at Google Books
The Ring with the Green Stone 33KB
A Retreat to the Goal 43KB
Edgewater People Cover 25KB 1110x758 100dpi
.Edgewater People Title 24KB 704x1108 150dpi
…Edgewater People Frontispiece Nelly emerged from the front door and moved to meet him 36KB 704x1100 150dpi

Cinnamon Roses 191–

Cinnamon Roses 25KB
A Humble Romance 39KB
Two Old Lovers 21KB
A Symphony in Lavendar 20KB
A Tardy Thanksgiving 18KB
A Modern Dragon 30KB
An Honest Soul 23KB
A Taste of Honey 24KB
Brakes and White Vi'lets 19KB
Robins and Hammers 27KB
On the Walpole Road 23KB
Old Lady Pingree 25KB
The Bar Lighthouse 21KB
A Lover of Flowers 25KB
A Far-Away Melody 18KB
A Moral Exigency 25KB
A Mistaken Charity 26KB
Gentian 25KB
An Object of Love 22KB
A Gatherer of Simples 27KB
An Independent Thinker 29KB
In Butterfly Time 23KB
An Unwilling Guest 30KB
A Souvenir 29KB
An Old Arithmetician 23KB


Comfort Pease and Her Ring (1895) (Project Gutenberg)
Madelon (1896) (Project Gutenberg)
The Yates Pride, a Romance (Project Gutenberg )

Jerome, a Poor Man (1897) (Project Gutenberg)
The Heart's Highway: A Romance of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century  (1900)(Project Gutenberg)
The Portion of Labor (1901) (JKaylin)
The Green Door (1931) (Project Gutenberg)


Giles Corey, Yeoman (play; 1893) at Marist College.  
 Giles Corey, Yeoman. A Play (MOA)

Other Stories

  • 1900 . Illustrations. (U.Virginia)
  • "The Revolt of Sophia Lane" December 1903
  • "The Last Gift" 1903
  • Humble Pie 1904 .
    • Emancipation December 1915
  • "A Guest in Sodom"1912
  • "Criss-cross"1914
  • Works (Pages Images from Cornell's Making of America Site)

  • After the Rain
  • Boy's Love
  • The Buckley Lady. A Story
  • A Conflict Ended
  •  Emmy
  •  A Gatherer of Simples
  •  Her Bonnet
  •  An Honest Soul
  •  A Humble Romance
  • It was a Lass
  •  The Little Maid At The Door. A Story
  •  Love and the Witches
  •  Love in the Willow
  • A Maiden Lady
  •  A New England Prophet. A Story
  • Now Is The Cherry In Blossom (poem)
  • An Old Arithmetician
  • Pastels in Prose: In the Marsh-Land, Camilla's Snuff-Box, Shadows, Death
  •  Silence. A Story
  • A Souvenir
  • Sweet Phyllis
  • The Three Old Sisters and the Old Beau. A Story
  •  The Twelfth Guest. A Story
  • The Whist-Players (short story vignette)

  • Comments to D. Campbell.